How we work with you to produce an impressive email page!

  1. Tell us what you are looking for, providing any design examples, a list of required brand elements (colors, logos, fonts) and any sample (or actual) content including copy, logos, and pictures.
  2. We’ll review, and set up a call to discuss your design options with you, and provide a SOW.
  3. We produce a design page or design options, which you can test in Outlook.
  4. We do a round a revisions, and provide the page to you to test and approve.
  5. You provide any final direction and design decisions, and provide your finished (or close) content.
  6. We give you back a finished email page as an Outlook msg file which you can load and send.
  7. Last minute changes? No problem, you can make them yourself in the Outlook editor, or ask us to do it.


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